On a sunny day in November 2009, Coastland Properties was established as a Family owned business in the Beautiful Helderberg Area.

Today Coastland Properties is proud to be one of the most respected rental agencies in the Helderberg Area (Strand, Somerset West & Gordon’s Bay). We are also one of the most referred rental agencies at several security complexes, as our speciality is managing long term residential rentals and sales.

Our promise: 

  • Quality and Professional Service
  • Honesty / Ethical
  • Passion and Pride

Our service:

  1. Prospective tenants, we find and follow a strict screening process.  TPN:  providing us with an extensive report on the Prospective Tenant; s credit record, financial status & background as well as a rental payment profile with previous agencies (if available) Employer: we investigate the applicant ‘s work of employment online. We then confirm the salary and personal references.  
  2. Post Agency and Owner approval  
  3. Deposit: 1 and a ½ times the monthly rental amount
  4. Maintenance: Our Maintenance Manager handles all maintenance related queries and requests and ensure that these are handled in a professional and efficient manner. All these maintenance issues are recorded onto our maintenance system.  A Quote for any maintenance query is sent to the Owner for approval before any work commences. Once work has been completed the invoice is send to the Owner. We regularly evaluate our contractors to ensure that the Owners receive the quality and professional service we promise.  This also ensure that Owner gets the best market related prices. We refer our contractors to anyone out there, because of our trust in them.                                                                                                                             
  5. Rental Agency Managing Program: PROPWORX Owner statements – is sent on the  7th of each month Tenants statement – is sent on the 25th of each month Year-end Statements is sent in March – or can be requested during the year We have a Owner and Tenant Link, where they can view their monthly statements anytime during the month.                                                 
  6. Expired lease: We discuss the tenant’s profile with the Owner, with a recommendation to extend or cancel the lease. Interim inspection conducted (cost for the Agency)  Re-evaluating the condition of the property, the tenants payment profile & complaints register.  If the tenant chose to terminate the Lease Agreement, the Landlord will be informed, and the marketing process can commence.  The Agency exit procedure will then follow.
  7. Tenant vacating procedure: Two investigators conduct the outgoing inspection, as per the Rental Housing Act.  The variance between the in- and outgoing inspection is discussed with the tenant and the premises will then be restored back to the same condition as the incoming inspection (fair wear and tear considered).
  8. Tenant deposit refund: No deposit will be paid out before outstanding fees (if any) have been deducted from the deposit or the apartment is restored to the original condition. The tenants deposit is kept in an interest-bearing account at First National Bank.
  9. Body Corporate Transgressions: We notify the tenant after receiving the transgression from the Body Corporate or Owner. If foul play is detected, an investigation will be conducted and dealt with in an urgent manner.


Our Team

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Lizette Keyser

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Amoré van der Merwe

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